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Auto Repair: Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

Any car owner would know if there are engine problems. The problem is that some owners delay the repair simply because they fear the cost.

However, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes. The car’s transmission, in particular, is the most complex piece of machinery. The trained technicians are there to know how to diagnose the problem properly and which parts to look into. The list of warning signs could range from simple to complicated. No matter how big or small the problem may be, the important thing to do now is to let a service repairman take a look at your car. Bring in your vehicle to Transmission Repair Fresno and have us take a look.

More importantly, take note of the most crucial signs of a transmission problem:

Sign 1: Noisy Vehicle
Your engine should purr smoothly while it runs on the road. If you hear anything unusual such as a constant clanging sound, this could be a loose transmission torque converter.

Sign 2: Shaking
This could either be a fluke in the engine tune or with the transmission. You won’t know what it actually is until you have the car diagnosed. So, observe how the car runs. If it starts shaking when you speed up, then it’s time to call for help.

Sign 3: Burning Smell
This is another cause for concern. If you smell burnt rubber, this could be the transmission burning or fluid is leaking out of the exhaust. Don’t even attempt to take your car any further because the moment any type of fluid drips onto the hot exhaust, your car becomes a fire hazard.

Sign 4: Check Engine Light
The check engine light could mean loose connections or a bigger problem with any other part. The transmission that cars now have is computer-controlled. The moment the check engine light shows up on the dashboard, bring your car to the shop where the technician can diagnose the problem via a specialized piece of equipment. They will be able to tell you the source of the malfunction within minutes, and sometimes, the slip could be so imperceptible that you don’t notice anything wrong with your vehicle. Nonetheless, know that there is a problem because the check engine sign shouldn’t light up otherwise.

Sign 5: Leaks
If you see a pool of pinkish fluid whenever you get out of the parking spot, then it’s a sure sign of a transmission leak. The leak could start out from any of the 20 or so external seals. Some repairs only take a few minutes while others may require that you leave the car in the shop for days at a time.

Whatever the problem may be, don’t shy away from having your car repaired. The hundreds of dollars that you spend today could be a fraction of what you’ll spend if you wait a few days more.


This post was originally published on Oct 8th 2013; It was updated on April 17th 2014.Transmission Repair Fresno

Here are a few more indicators of trouble to be mindful of:

Your Car Refuses to Start
This is obviously a big, flashing sign of trouble, and something that you can’t delay. A system oftentimes locks down because there’s severe damage in the transmission’s component.

Your Car Jumps between Gears
This would be a predecessor to the previous scenario. You can also try revving up. See if you get the speed you need immediately. If it takes longer than usual for your vehicle to pick up speed, then you definitely need to check for leaks or change the fluid.


Here is a great infographic illustrating troubling transmission signs. I think you will find it very useful.


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